Please see our list of frequently asked questions below.

The first option we use, which is included in our prices, is your data will be sent back to you along with your device on a DVD Disk. However we can put your data on a brand new hard drive if required.

Our data recovery services are for both the public sector and business’s.

Our standard service is 3-5 days from receiving the device, however it can take longer depending on each case. We provide updates throughout the process.

We also provide an express service which is 24-48 hours depending on device size.

You can drop the device off with us, this is our preferred way, but we also accept devices via post/courier – if you are going to post items to us, please make sure you have spoken to us before hand as we will require a quick form to be filled out and sent with the hard drive in the post.

Hard drives and any other data devices are very fragile so you will need to make sure they are packed with extra care and provide plenty of protection.

We can recover data from hard drives – external or internal,  laptop hard drives, phones, memory cards, flash drives and more.

Our main priority is to retrieve your precious data, if we do not succeed, you will not be charged a penny.

We offer a no data recovery, no fee solution.

Prices start from £119.99 for a hard drives sized 120GB  or less.

Prices start from £99.99 for memory cards / flash drives.

If you would like a no obligation quote, please contact us to discuss your needs and requirements. We can also provide an express service.

If you are inside a 25mile radius of our postcode (M34 3RB) there is no mininum item amount.

Outside the 25mile radius?

Good news – you only require 10 items or more for a free service.

Main item include computers, monitors, servers, printers. Items like mice, keyboards & cables are not classed as main items.

Yes we do, but if you would like a completely free service we can software erase your hard drives to the highest standard back at our premises.

We use our own uniformed drivers who are trained to use our hard drive crushers, we are fully licensed to handle your waste, and our number one aim is to provide a fast efficient service.

You will receive a waste transfer note, a hazardous waste note (if applicable) and an asset report if required. If you are having some hard drives crushed you will also receive a detailed data destruction report.

We test and grade your equipment, from that point it is either sent back out into the UK or it is broken down, separated and then recycled. This keeps our landfills from overflowing.